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Hannah Hernandez

Hannah Hernandez

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Country of origin: The United States of America
Study course: Master in Security Risk Management

Why did you decide to study abroad?
For me, studying abroad was a logical academic choice. I truly enjoyed learning about security during my undergraduate programme and developed a strong interest in pursuing my graduate studies in security from a Nordic or Arctic perspective. Studying abroad would allow me to learn about security challenges from the truly diverse landscape we are faced with today. Now here I am studying between Denmark and Norway, examining security through environmental, maritime, arctic, societal, health and political perspectives.

What made you decide on this university?
The primary reason I was drawn to the University of Copenhagen is their strong involvement in development, military and security research through programmes like NordSTEVA. The work being done here is incredibly interesting and has been extremely fulfilling to experience. I have been able to audit additional courses, attend lectures and workshops and participate in research. As I am interested in writing my thesis from a Nordic perspective, it was important to me to experience academic thought throughout the Scandinavian region.

How is your experience of studying abroad?
My experience studying abroad has been great so far. While there has certainly been a learning curve I have persevered nevertheless. I have met incredible people from all over the world, worked on challenging projects, experienced many new languages and cultures and gained a fresh global perspective. All of this has helped to make me a well-rounded individual and I am grateful to have this opportunity.

Why do you think others should not miss out on studying at your university
Going abroad is a scary and yet extremely important step to take. Getting out of your comfort zone and making new friends, learning new languages and getting to know new cities has its difficulties but also has tremendous benefits. Engaging in this type of challenge causes you to be pushed in new and unique ways. However, you will emerge with an enriching new perspective, new knowledge about yourself and increased wisdom about the world. The resilience you gain during an experience abroad will help to build confidence, make new friendships, and discover more about who you really are.