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Ivana Szabová

Ivana Szabová

Copenhagen Business Academy, Denmark

Country of origin: Slovakia
Study course: Master in Service, Hospitality and Tourism management

Why did you decide to study abroad?
I had previously studied at the university in my home country and within these studies I also participated in Erasmus+ exchange program to study for one semester in Germany. This experience showed me what other opportunities are out there not even regarding the education but also the life as such. By spending some time abroad and by getting to know people from all around the world, it opened my eyes and taught me a lot about the various cultures, traditions and languages. I also became more confident, responsible, tolerant and open minded. Since then I knew that there will still be missing something in my life if I don’t go abroad again and accept another challenge which I knew that would be only profitable.

What made you decide on this university?
During the last couple of years I gained many abroad experiences especially these of “work and travel” kind. By doing so I realized that I would really like to look deeper into the tourism field of studies where I can also use the languages I learnt at my previous university. I was interested in the business studies based on practical education rather then theoretical. I also knew that the capital area is more interesting and relevant for the business studies and I learnt that my university is one the youngest in Copenhagen. It therefore means that they focus on current problems and use new models and theories which I found very attractive. The lecturers are therefore very flexible and open-minded and I like “the rule” they follow: There is nothing wrong you say or do, it always depends on from which angle you look at the problem.

How is your experience of studying abroad?
I have to say that I expanded my knowledge and learnt much more by studying abroad and travelling then by choosing an easier way of staying in my home country. My abroad study experiences showed me other ways and existing possibilities that make the study more interesting, easier and most of all, practical. Sometimes the things got difficult but this was exactly the time when I learnt the most about the real life and also about myself. And it didn’t have to seem at that time, but I know now that it made me strong-minded and even more ambitious to never give up in the future.

Why do you think others should not miss out on studying at your university
The education in Denmark and especially at my university is very practical. It is all about the team work and based on projects, business cases and boot camps. Other lecturers from different universities (from Denmark or from abraod) are coming to teach the students some subjects as well as people from the various campanies come from time to time providing the students with the relevant and useful information regarding the business world. There are not only international students in the class but also the Danish ones so it helps with networking and getting easier into the Danish society. Among other things, my university provides an obligatory internship that gives the students the opportunity to use the qualifications that they have obtained in class and put them into practice. Also the teachers and other people at university are very friendly and they are trying to help the students as much as possible with any kind of problems.