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Kevin Amoke

Kevin Amoke

Lancaster University

Country of origin: Nigeria
Study course: PhD in African Literature

Why did you decide to study abroad?
Studying for my PhD in the UK has been a long-time dream, which I followed up with practical will and determination. My dream was first motivated by the need to build a solid research team with an international focus. It is central to my career, and a study abroad will help me realise this fast. Studying abroad will give me the opportunity to meet people, especially those working within my area of interest. It will open up more opportunities for interaction/collaboration with scholars, give me access to more facilities and support, prepare me for a more confident future research engagement, place me at the centre of scholarship etc. Apart from these, I will have the chance to meet people from cultures different from mine, interact/learn from them, build and maintain contacts around the world.

What made you decide on this university?
Ranking! Perhaps, the first thing a prospective Lancaster University student knows about the institution is its ranking. Lancaster University is one of UK’s Triple Top Ten universities, and also ranks among the first 1% worldwide. If this doesn’t move you, nothing else would. It means that studying at Lancaster University is a rare privilege, and also a confidence builder. Lancaster University graduates are never scared of the job market; they settle in nicely shortly after graduation. And others, who wish, find their way back to school pretty quickly. Its collegiate system, a feature so rare in UK’s higher education environment, is also irresistible. It has a very strong student support base, and its location is great.

How is your experience of studying abroad?
Splendid. Everything hangs together now. Initially the challenges were about food and weather. But I have overcome them speedily. Thanks to support from everybody around here. Lancaster University’s Welcome Week programme helped so much, too. I have hit the ground running already, and I am glad I came here. There are varieties here and the opportunities are many. Meeting and learning from people all over the world is great.

Why do you think others should not miss out on studying at your university
Lancaster University is a great place to study if you are considering studying abroad, especially in the UK. Very close to the city centre, yet removed from its noise, it is an ideal place to study. It is also not far away from London. Established in the 1960’s yet occupying an enviable position both in the UK and globally, LU shows what it means to be committed, productive and impactful in the 21st century teaching/research environment. It has great facilities and the student-lecturer ratio makes learning easier. In terms of accommodation, there is something for everyone, whether on-campus or off-campus living. There are graduate fairs, trainings/internships and supports to prepare you for job even while you are still taking your courses. A home for all because of its international mix. Numerous student societies to attract you, and a very powerful student union, too. If you are considering studying at Lancaster University, take the next step boldly and make your dream real. If Lancaster is not yet on your list of ‘unis’ to try, consider it thoughtfully: it might be the only REAL one you are missing out. Find out what it is to be in a Triple Top Ten UK university!