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Kevin Ngo

Kevin Ngo

Birmingham City University

Country of origin: Singapore
Study course: Bachelor in International Jewellery Business

Why did you decide to study abroad?
I choose to study in the United Kingdom (UK) by reason of the rich history, beautiful environment and big names produced like De Beers and Cartier in the jewellery industry. It is also a great opportunity travelling to a foreign country and learn about their culture and tradition. I meet many people from all different parts of the world, it tells me how much I will missed out not being here. There is also much more freedom with my independence.

What made you decide on this university?
My ambition is to create my own big brand, or at least work with distinguish company. I believe that Birmingham City University will develop and push the boundaries of my discipline, give me an extensive network, engage me with traditional techniques as well as updating me with the latest cutting-edge technology. The institution also provides a first-class education on practical skills and professional relevance, offering lots of opportunities for transforming lives, setting up a business and contributing to the society.

How is your experience of studying abroad?
Things are a lot different when you are still under your mother’s wing. Almost everything is taken care of and there is no need to worry about household chores, meals or the overflow pipe in your bath. Though it is great to have someone looking after you, living alone is not a total downside. It may seem scary at first but you will soon realize that surviving by yourself is not impossible. It is a time for you to really understand yourself, of what you need and how you want to spend your freedom.

Why do you think others should not miss out on studying at your university
With the global reputation for academic excellence, the lecturers and support staff gives you access to some of the country’s most professional teachers, researchers and guest lecturers. You will receive results of assessments within no more than 20 working days, extensive support through their online learning systems, and full access to the Students’ Union and Student Services. You will also have many opportunities to learn from Birmingham’s wider creative and business communities in a city which has the UK’s largest concentration of businesses outside of London.