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Rawiah Fuad Naoum

Country of origin: Jordan
Study course: Management and leadership

Why did you decide to study abroad?
I decided to study abroad to get “out there”. That phrase is a little vague and wishy-washy, but it works. Studying abroad is all about putting yourself out into the world, literally and figuratively. You will have to make new friends, meet new people, talk in a language that is not your own (sometimes), get put in situations that will really challenge you. Sounds scary? Well, I just described the rest of your life once you get out of college (maybe minus the language part). Why not start practicing your “getting out there” skills now? I’ve been here for almost six months and I am less and less afraid of talking to people, going to new places, and just doing things in general. I know that getting rid of those fears will help me in the long run.
The second reason why I did decide to study abroad is yo learn more about yourself. Going along with the putting yourself out there, you will also learn a lot about yourself during your time abroad. I was pretty confident that I knew myself before this trip–how I react to situations, how I deal with problems, whether or not I’m a morning person. I’m learning more about who I am without the comforts of home and the confidence boost I get being in a place where people actually know me. College is already in and of itself, but studying abroad is a whole new beast. I promise it will leave you better off, and all the situations when you get back home will seem so trivial because you’ve dealt with worse (I mean, dealing with anything in a different language is already a challenge) while abroad.

What made you decide on this university?
I chose the University of Pécs because I liked the Managment and Leadership programme, it is pretty unique. I didn’t find anything similar in Hungary.
The University of Pécs is the oldest university in Hungary – founded in 1367 – with an exceptionally wide experience and tradition in higher education.
Furthermore, Pécs is a beautiful place to study in. It is simultaneously a friendly place and a very active city.

How is your experience of studying abroad?
Student life in Pécs is very colorful. There are a lot of outdoor activities… There are a lot of student’s parties, culture exchange activities organized by students associations.

Why do you think others should not miss out on studying at your university
The University of Pécs, one of the largest higher education institutions in Hungary with its 26,000 other students. It has diverse types of professionally relevant and high-quality programmes, with high-quality of teaching, well and fully equipped classrooms and multicultural environment.

Experience the incredibly vivid student life day and night in this true university city, full of restaurants, and cafés. Live in a uniquely beautiful place – Pécs received the prestigious title The European Capital of Culture in 2010.
Walk between the historical buildings in the city of Pécs, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

And Enjoy the low living expenses.