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Sebastian Peichl

Country of origin: Spain
Study course: Master of Science in Business Administration with specialization in Strategy & Organization

Why did you decide to study abroad?
I decided to go abroad to pursue my master’s degree because it has so many advantages! On the one hand, and from a career perspective, because it enabled me to gain access to excellent education and to improve my language skills. Moreover, I believe that going abroad doesn’t only make me grow personally, but that it’s also valued by employers. On the other, and from a personal point of view, because I was thrilled by getting to know new people and making friends for life, while living in an appealing city.

What made you decide on this university?
The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA) stands for excellent education as reflected in its strong position in renowned rankings. Furthermore, the close cooperation between firms and research provides good connections to possible future employers. This, in combination with appealing and up to date courses delivered in theoretical and practical classes prepares you 360º for tomorrow’s challenges. Last but not least, the VUA has a very broad spectrum of clubs and associations.

How is your experience of studying abroad?
Studying abroad is an adventure and the best time of your life! On the one hand, the master’s is intense, but it’s incredible how much valuable knowledge I have already acquired in just half a year at the VUA, where I’m also part of several associations. On the other, I have completely fallen in love with the vibrating city of Amsterdam, its canals and, especially, with my flatmates. Furthermore, I’m travelling more than ever before to explore Amsterdam, The Netherlands and much more!

Why do you think others should not miss out on studying at your university
The VUA is not only your chance to excellent education, but especially for plenty clubs, activities and trips that enrich your stay abroad even more!