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Sruthy Janardanan

Sruthy Janardanan

University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Country of origin: India
Study course: Master in Stem Cell Technology

Why did you decide to study abroad?
Stem cell technology has become a major field of research in medicine for its potential to regenerate the body. Research is going on regarding its possibilities in the treatment of incurable diseases like cancer. For, my postgraduate research in the same path, gaining in-depth knowledge and contributing to building a healthy world, it’s essential to have the right guidance and learn from the pioneers. That was the main motive for me to do my Master’s degree abroad. Plus I wanted to build up new networks and experience a new culture. I believe that is essential for a personal development.

What made you decide on this university?
I gathered more information regarding universities and courses through different websites. Stem cell technology in Nottingham University is one of the first and longest-running courses in the UK. The fact that the course content has been designed in consultation with stem cell experts, the faculty includes leading research scientists, there are individual three months lab based projects in the curriculum, they include of transferable skills of critical analysis, they integrate data handling, they teach oral and written skills during the course, it is on beautiful campus with facilities available for each student during their time in the university, making you feel at home, and, finally, that there are different societies and extracurricular activities convinced me that Nottingham University is the apt place for doing my masters.

How is your experience of studying abroad?
First time alone moving to a new continent, new culture, how do I cope? Homesickness was the only thing on my mind when I was leaving home to the UK. But when I reached here everything was different. The university coach service from the airport to the university, plus the welcome party on the initial day, helped me relax. I received help for everything from the student union. They helped me move my luggage, as well as find my accommodation and other registration programmes. The tea party in the evening helped me meet many people, especially many international students. I took only a few hours to overcome my initial fears and become a part of this university. From then on my journey is amazing here. Many friends, programmes arranged by each department for improving your skills, time management etc.

Why do you think others should not miss out on studying at your university
I will strongly recommend my university to other students because I believe that it necessary to experience the beautiful campus life of Nottingham University. Apart from academics, University of Nottingham is known for its beautiful campus – especially lakeside where there is boating and many other activities during summer. Also, many buildings have tourist attraction and city life. Nottingham city life is safe and students have access buses even late at night. There are many societies in which we can take part.