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Suneet Sahu

Suneet Sahu

Grenoble Institute of Technology, Grenoble, France

Country of origin: India
Study course: Master in Smart Grid & Buildings

Why did you decide to study abroad?
There were many reasons that helped me choose this study abroad option and, honestly speaking, I was very interested in and passionate for exploring different places in world. So, to eventually excel in my field of interest, and learn about the diversity within different disciplines like education and culture, I decided to pick this option.

What made you decide on this university?
When I finished my Bachelors in Engineering, I wanted to study more and do some research work in the same field. Basically, I was looking forward to excelling in my area of interest, so I started looking for a program, as per my interest, that also has a wider scope for the future. So there were mainly two reasons to go to ENSE3 for a Master: one was the specialization they were offering – MS in Smart Grid and Buildings, which is a program that deals with different aspects related to Grid, Buildings and Storage; and the second reason was the City and Environment around.

How is your experience of studying abroad?
My experience since I arrived here was incomparable. And during the my past month of my enrollment, I have been in many places around the city. Since the city is surrounded by mountains, therefore, there are a lot of adventures related to mountaineering that I really enjoy. The city is very nice and so are the people. The good part of the city is that it is full of students from different parts of the world, so I always find people like me around. Every weekend there are some parties or sports events that are really good. This place is a favorite study abroad destination, so you will find many activities going around here which are designed specially for students. In summary: it was a wonderful experience for me.

Why do you think others should not miss out on studying at your university
If you want to experience the different diversity around the globe, then you should never miss the opportunity to study abroad. Deciding to study at my university is a matter of which subject you wish to study. If you want to become an expert in Energy, and want to work with some of the best researchers in France and Europe, then you should definitely pick this option. ENSE3 or National School of Energy, Water & Environment in France is one of the best schools of Grenoble INP – France’s biggest grande école . It is also one of the best colleges for Electrical Engineering in France. And finally, coming to Grenoble, it is the kind of experience that you would never want to miss.